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Eclipse Sims

Under the Eerie Glow of Midnight's Total Eclipse

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on 15 August 2007 (#13600671)
On 4 November 2016
Eclipse Sims2
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This community focuses on fictional stories created with the SIMS2 PC game and CC Downloads.

After some consideration, this little community was created so that people could follow the stories I create with sims, but without needing to always ask permission for me to add them to my "friends Locked" journal. People can read and leave, without obligation or saying a word. This, I find, maybe somewhat more convenient.

You cannot post entries to this community, but you can watch and leave comments. This is more like a private journal than a community. I decided to create a community instead so that I am able to keep one username for both journals. This avoids having to continuously log on and off of two seperate accounts.


This community will display 18+ content! That is a warning. My game is NOT free of many of the adult content hacks/game mods you can find at some of the various adult sims websites. You will most likely see nudity and sexual content.. and a large abundance of homosexual material. If this offends you. Do Not Follow. You've been warned.

All posts I make with adult content will be cut and labled, NOT WORKSAFE!
So no need to worry if you decide to add this comm to your friend's page.

The SIMS2 is copyright by Maxis and EA Games. I don't claim rights to any tools used in these stories.
The custom Content on my sims is either downloaded from many of the wonderful sims CC creators out on the internet, or created by myself. A special thanks to everyone who has content they created used by my little people. ^^

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